Thursday, August 28, 2008

Upon Entering The Garden Of Rights

It has recently been written to us that an individual does not possess any inherent right to live in their own land; rather, they can only occupy, dwell and breath at the pleasure of the state.

This statement by an international political and commercial organization - a head of state - is repugnant; and, it is especially ignorant coming from a Speaker of law.

How shall we, as parents and as adults, explain to our children that they are a possession of the state; from whom all good shall flow?

It is time, here on this homeland Earth, for the general global population of citizens to create and preserve a single voice that shall utter a Charter of Citizenry - one which shall establish and entrench the legacy of the dignity of person above the state; wherein, the governance of citizens is truly maintained, only, through a free and democratic political system - one which is NOT originally founded upon the guiding principles of debt.

This First Citizens Central HQ site shall serve as the vortex for this Charter ! This communication and advocacy organization is supported through human rights networks on behalf of children and their right to dignity of person.